Founded on 8th May 1900



The company J.M. Lindemann GmbH & Co.KG was founded on 8th May 1900 in Hamburg by John Martin Lindemann as a ship carpentty.

On 1st  January 1930 John Max Lindemann became single owner. On 1st April 1950 he got support by his son John Herrmann Lindemann who joined the company as a boat construction apprentice.
After the apprenticeship as a boat constructor he made an apprentice as a carpenter and sit his examination for a master as a boat designer.
John Hermann Lindemann joined the company on 1st January 1959 as a partial owner.
First we were specialized in ship carpenting and boat construction. Later on we dedicated ourselves to the lashing and securing. of heavy cargo on vessels .
From that day on the first container vessels crosses regularly the Northern Atlantic. The company was enlarged further and the construction of seaworhy packing was added.

On 26th November 1964 the company founder John Martin Lindemann died at the age of 98 years.

In 1973 the 95 year old business of Carl Dornte & Sohn, was inherit by company J.M. Lindemann. In 1975 EURO-LASH was founded in Hamburg by companies from Hamburg, Bremen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen, London, Southampten, Hüll and Liverpool. They carried out together the purchachsing for lashing material, wood products and wire. They coordinated together the acceptance of shipping companies and broker in the European shipping.


After his apprenticeship as a forwarding merchant and his conscription John-Carsten Lindemann was the 4th generation who joined the company as a carpenter apprentice which was completed 14h May 1982.

In July 1995 Mr. John-Carsten Lindemann became partial owner and general manager of the company. Mr. John-Hermann retired from business.

In 1996 the company J.M. Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG gave up business of port and handcraft trade. From that day on the company is specialized for the property management.

The activities concerning the port managment was sold to the company J.C. Lindemann Containerverpackung GmbH. All employees were taken over within the new structure.