J.C. Lindemann Containerverpackung GmbH




J.C. Lindemann Containerverpackung GmbH,
Head office: Veddeler Damm 42, 20457 Hamburg
Branch office: Ellerwiesenweg 21, 21514 Güster

Member of: Verband der Containerpackbetriebe e.V.


The company J.C. Lindemann Containerverpackung GmbH was established  17  February 1983 in Hamburg. In the beginnings we dealed with the locally dismantling factory equipment.

Various factories were dismantled. The containerized goods were loaded at the factory in containers. Therefore the staff and technical equipment travelled for weeks or months. Non-containerized goods and machinery were sent to the company JM Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG.  Or they were packed partly on location.

Since 1986, the construction of a container packing station at the area of JM Lindemann started in Hamburg, freeport. In 1996, the company has J.C. Lindemann GmbH Packaging Container aquired port operations with all employees of the JM Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG.

As part of the restructuring process the fleet has been extended up to 4 tractor units and up to 15 container chassis. In addition, the cooperation with the company Jungheinrich in Hamburg has expanded considerably. Forklift transports were offered in short-and long-distance trailer.

Although we were holding tight to old services, like cargo, ship carpenting, delivery of lashing or wood products for shipping companies for tieing-down we continued to expand the field of container packing station and the storage of goods of all kinds. At this we attached great importance to the needs and requirements of the customers.

From 2006,  the company was confronted with a new challenge, the short-termed take over of 117 40' containers with plagiats. We have received the order of destruction, demolition and disposal under customs supervision of various brand representatives. This activity has now become an inherent part of our service offering.

Since 2007 we have rceived the complete settlement for one brand of all trade mark rights in Hamburg and Bremen as a general contractor which has been successfully executed. The planning of a facility for recycling of shredded athletic shoes was executed und put into practise by us. In this connection we attached great importance to special emphasis on environmental requirements

In spite of all new challenges the fundamentals of the company are container packing station import / export, storage of goods of all types and container shipments.


Today the company operates in free port on 18,000 square meters which is flood protected with side track and 10 perenneal employees.


Our company is so successful thanks to our long lasting staff.